Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ilkeston is coming to Fenny Stratford next Monday

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Iron Trunk Aqueduct, Cosgrove

The boat needed an airing and a chance to charge the batteries, so a short cruise down the GUC
saw us crossing the restored Iron Trunk Aqueduct near Cosgrove. Really strange stood on a boat crossing the Ouse which is about 50 feet below the 200 year old aqueduct. We continued south and across another aqueduct over Grafton Street before turning in the winding hole and returning to Kingfisher Marina. Great day out.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BW registered Number and SSR

Our old rusty BW plates needed replacing and we needed to have the Small Ships Register number painted on both sides, so it would be easier to have both numbers painted on the side near the bow. A local sign-writer came this morning, the first dry day for a long time, and within two hours the job was done, complete with the new Canals & Rivers Trust logo. The old rusty plates can now be removed.

Tomorrow we are meeting the lads from Kinver Canopies in the hope that they can make a good canopy for the semi trad stern.

I was lucky earlier because I wanted to fit an electric socket in the semi trad well, but it needs to be waterproof. Screwfix were selling the perfect solution for half price and their local store is just 5 minutes away and it wont take long to fit it and wire it into the socket behind the rear bulkhead.

Just couple of other jobs to finish and then we are ready to set sail again. Just hope the continuing rain, sorry short interruptions in the drought, ceases and maybe even the sun will shine. So is it to be Stratford on Avon or Oxford?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Just back from Crick Boat Show

Well at least we chose the right day because the weather was reasonably kind. As always The Crick Show was great. This year we were not looking at boats to buy but for those little extras and fittings that will finish La Licorne and make it well and truly our special boat. We bought a brolley mate to keep me dry and out of the sun if that ever returns, and a Prop Mate to make clearing the weed hatch that much easier. Judith wanted two Turtle mats to keep both ends clean and we got some that say Please Wipe your feet in signal flags. Also I caught up with Steve from Willow Wren Training and booked the Diesel Maintenance Course and the VHF Course and Exam for July, as though I haven't got enough to do with the OU course that will hopefully lead to a Degree in Criminology and the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.

I had useful talks with BetaMarine, General Ecology, Yelvertoft Marina, the IWA, B&MKWT, Irish Waterways, and so many more exhibitors. I must talk soom to Cabincare about the side hatch, Kinver Canopies about the tourneau cover, Craftmaster Paints about some UM01 ultramarine blue, and EliteFurnishers about the roller blinds.

Well La Licorne is going to be our homes for many weeks/months each year so we have to get it right. Even Tescos have been helpful reducing the price of the photo posters, we I have ordered 4 of the 16 x 20 inch posters from my photo collection that will fit the empty frames in the boat.

Definetly time to Splice the Mainbrace.