Thursday, 1 December 2011

Plan C

Well the original plan was to buy a widebeam barge but the recession, credit crunch, house prices, euro collapse, exchange rates and inflation have lead to a new plan. The final straw in the downward spiral was when Sagarmarine ceased trading, since they built the best barges we had found. So we are buying a new flat at Fenny Stratford near Bletchley and then buying a 57ft narrow boat which will be called Narrow Minded. She will have Fenny Stratford as her home port and hopefully will be moored on the Grand Union Canal alongside our new home. We will then cruise the canals and rivers of the UK for many months a year. A 57 foot narrow boat will allow us to use every part of the English canal network and many rivers. We will see the UK from a very different and historic perspective and if you follow our blog you will share that experience and perhaps if we are moored near your location you will come and find us.

Splice the main brace.

Mike & Judith

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