Thursday, 3 May 2012

La Licorne is officially named

Visited the boatyard today where Jon from LetterKnight was starting to sign-write the new name. He had made hand drawn a full size tracing showing the name, home port and the unicorn. Once we had agreed it he spent a few minutes with a small spikey wheel tracing over the outlines. The tracing was then taped in place and he rubed chalk dust over the small holes cut by the wheel. This left the most delicate outline of the whole design in the right place and ready to paint.

The new inverter had been fitted and the engine compartment was being painted. Alec at Sileby Mill is great and I highly recommend him and his team. A great boatyard, hire company and small marina.

Back there on Monday with lots of things so that we can start the journey home once the river calms down. Still in flood washing down lots of large timber and rubbish which swirls around in large clumps. I will post a copy of the finished paint job then!

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